Transcriber guidelines

If you’re used to posting to a blog, then you already know how to post a transcript to the TCA site, which is set up just like a blog, with a couple of additional steps. You can print out the following instructions or simply keep them open in a separate window.

To post a new transcript:

Click on this link to go to the “Write Post” page, where you’ll post the new transcript. (It will open in a new window, so you can click back to this window to keep reading the directions.)

In the first blank, Title, enter the title of the transcript in the format Network – Program, e.g., NBC – Third Watch or CBS – Executive Session.

Now go to the Word document containing the transcript. Select the entire transcript, copy it, come back to this window and paste the text into the Post area.

Hit return to give yourself a new paragraph.

Now, at the top of the Post area, you’ll see four symbols next to the words Add media. Click the fourth one, the starburst, that gives you a pop-up balloon when you hover your mouse cursor over it, like so:

When you do that, there will be a pause, and then a new window will load that looks like this:

Click on the Browse button:

You will then get a familiar window asking you to locate the file you wish to upload:

Navigate to the directory where the file is and double-click on the transcript. Then, when you return the previous window, click the Upload button right next to the Browse button. In a few moments the uploaded document will appear in the window, with a thumbnail plus a file description:

Note: The rest of these instructions don’t yet have illustrations.

Click on Insert Into Post button. You may have to scroll down that small window in order to see the button.

The small window will go away and a link to the uploaded file will be visible where your cursor was.

Finally, scroll down the page to Categories and check the following boxes:


TCA Tour

And then click on the box for the appropriate day of tour, such as ABC Day 2. See a TCA rep if you have any questions which day of tour this is, as it will affect members’ access to transcripts.

FINALLY …. scroll back up the page and click the Publish button. It’s in a black box in the right-hand column

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